Do you require temp or contract staff?

We can supply you with temp and contract staff. If we do not have the type of people you require in our database, we will advertise and get people that is suited to the position you require. If you need skills assessed, we can do the following optional extra services: checking qualifications, standard credit checks, checking identification documents, work permits, medical and skills assessment like advanced driving.

Staff can either be directly employed by you, or we can manage the staff on your behalf.


Self Employment
Self Employment is where we find the right staff for you from our database on TempStaff. We then supply a shortlist of candidates for you to choose from. Cost is based on the persons salary and length of contract.
We Employ
We can also employ the person on your behalf. We handle all the HR and other functionality. We specialise in short term contractors (IE 3 month contracts)


Fill in the details of the temp staff you require below. Also indicate how you would like to employ the staff. We will then contact you with a proposal. Enter as much details as possible.


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